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So far 446 bird-species have been recorded in Portugal (including the Atlantic islands).

The bird-list for the Algarve region contents 395 species plus c. 10 species likely to be escapes rather than making part of quite a number of established exotic bird-species. Going through the blog-entries I made over the past years might give you a bit of an idea.

An external website dedicated to the birds of Portugal, including a complete bird-list (by scientific names) made by Gonçalo Elias is:

A complete bird-list of Continental Portugal (2005) including English names is here: Systematic list of the birds of Portugal

In case you observe (or better photograph) a color-ringed or tagged bird, you can search for the e-mail adress of the project-leader in order to get the details (life-list) of this particular bird from him/her here:


The rarities-list for Portugal and a link to the Portuguese Rarities Committee is here:

Personal records of rarities can be found on my blog for now, some older ones are here.
For recent observations of rarities made in continental Portugal, please check the map further below. Click the entries, to get details and directions, or on the small link below, to get a bigger map.

To check for- and to submit recent rare bird sightings in the Iberian Peninsula  (please contact the rarities committee as well!) you can visit

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